We have now sold the harp! It went within 2 days of going on your web-site. And to a good home. Well done on such a great service and such a marvellous web-site.
…..Mrs. G Hall

I have now sold my harp. Well done on such a great website and thanks again for your help.
…..Miss Naylor

Thank you very much for your speedy response and offer to assist if possible. May I say how helpful you and your website have been. You are the only person who has taken the time to reply to me over the course of the last week!…
….Miss K. Luft


Many thanks for advertising our Salvi Diana harp. I am pleased to say we sold it this weekend. Thanks for your help making this possible.


Thank you very much for recommending Maxine (Molin Rose)Her choice of music for our event was superb and her harp playing added a touch of elegance to the evening.
….Mark Walker

We Had a truly magical day and the ceremony was made even more special by the lovely harp music.
…..Pippa & Dean Evans

“….the sheer delight of Geraldine is beyond words. It was ‘Jaw Dropping’ to put it in laymans terms….” Colin & Jill Murrall