Telynau Teifi

Maker: Telynau Teifi
Type: Non-pedal
Style: Gwennol - Cherrywood
Price: £2,700.00
Remarks: 34 string lever harp in Cherry wood with matching, detachable, cherry wood legs. Pedal harp guage stringing giving a beautiful, resonant tone. This harp is in really lovely condition as it has been meticulously cared for, having been kept out of extreme temperatures and sunlight.
The age is approximate, as it was sold an an ex- demonstration harp. All receipts from the Harp centre will be passed on to the purchaser.

Comes with dust cover, padded Gwennol travel case, tuning key and some spare strings.

Age: 6 years approx.
Location: St Agnes, Cornwall.
Contact: 07773 897687