Telynau Teifi

Maker: Telynau Teifi
Type: Non-pedal
Style: Eos with scroll
Price: £4,000.00
Remarks: Beautiful 36 string Teifi Eos harp in Cherry wood finish, with decorative Welsh scroll and Teifi levers.
With gut strings and a larger soundboard than most other lever harps, the Eos sings beautifully with a warm, rich tone. It has a fuller, more resonant sound which is similar to that of a pedal harp.
It is a great professional harp, but is also a brilliant choice for anyone wanting to take up the harp and perhaps move onto a pedal harp in the future.

The harp comes with the original dust cover, a padded travel case, a plinth (for a higher playing position ) which was purchased separately for approx £400 and a tuning key.

The harp was purchased directly from Teifi and I have been the only owner. Sadly, it is no longer possible to buy Teifi harps due to their closure. However, this is a rare opportunity for someone to acquire a beautiful Teifi harp.

I am reluctant to sell it because it has brought me hours of joy, but the money from the sale will now go towards the purchase of a pedal harp.

Age: 6 years
Location: Walderslade, Kent
Contact: Craig Grindley 07718 968576