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Advert only i.e. no agency fee
The advert fee is the only fee payable, with a direct sale via the customer (of course, the customer’s email / telephone contact details must be supplied).

£45.00.  which includes the addition of up to 10 photos.  As a suggestion, it is best to photograph  the harp against a plain background.  Also, if there are extras to be included in the sale of your harp, such as a travel cover, trolley, etc., try to take at least one photo with all of these in it as well. Then, a potential buyer can see immediately what goes with the harp.

The harp advert stays “live” until the harp is sold or for a maximum period of one year.

Advert + agency
Affairs of the Harp is happy to act as your selling agent, in exchange for 5% of the selling price of the harp in addition to the advertisement costs above.

Advert + agency + selling + storage
Affairs of the Harp is also pleased to act as an agent and sell and store your harp, in exchange for 10% of the selling price in addition to the advertisement costs above. This includes the agent’s costs for transporting the harp to potential customers.

Harpists:  You can use the Showroom at “Affairs of the Harp” to display your harp for visitors- whether for a “one-off” prearranged appointment with the buyer, or for long term display.

Ideally located for visitors from all over the country or from Europe, we offer a home-from-home ambience so that potential buyers can play harps at their leisure.

Try our Harps on a “Pay and Play” basis

Harps sold through “Affairs of the Harp” may, in some cases, be hired out a trial basis. This is so that a potential purchaser can try out the instrument in their own home, usually for one week. There is a non-refundable deposit which is deducted off the total price if the harp is purchased. This is to cover delivery (and, if the harp is returned, collection) charges which are calculated at a rate of 60 p per mile plus any congestion or “clean air” charges and  insurance costs. This applies only to harps sold exclusively by “Affairs of the Harp” or its agency – not harps sold by individual advertisers on the website.

Terms and conditions apply.

Call us or email for further information on terms and conditions.

Please note – if Affairs of the Harp stores / ‘agencies’ the harp, insurance must be covered by the seller of the harp. If your harp isn’t insured, we recommend Munson and Harbour for this service (see advert on the left)

When you submit the form, a confirmation screen will appear, with advice that the screen should be printed for your records.

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