Lewis Creek

Maker: Lewis Creek
Type: Non-pedal
Style: 27 string lap harp
Price: £3,000.00
Remarks: 27 string lap harp - Nightingale/Jessie Ultralight harp with a full set of Truitt metal Levers fitted at Lewis Creek These small harps are renowned around the world, amazing everybody with their fantastic sound and surprising light weight. This also makes them THE harp for harp therapy. They are also perfect when you are looking for a small, easy to transport, lightweight harp, even suitable to play while walking around but don’t want to lose the richness in sound.
This harp has been played regularly for the last two and a half years. My daughter decided to settle down and has now gone back to a larger harp.
The expert craftsmen at Pilgrim Harps recently gave the harp a full service. This involved discreetly strengthening the wooden structure, making it more rigid.

Accessories included in sale: -
Padded Carry Case with backpack straps
Pack-away wooden floor stand
Tuning key
Set of spare strings

Age: 3 years
Location: West Sussex
Contact: Barbara 07747 560887
Email: Barbara.genda@gmail.com